Monday, June 12, 2006


We were on the road a lot this past weekend. The kids were plenty happy watching their DVD's during the hours of driving we did. So why do I feel like such a cop out for having a DVD player in the car?

When we bought this car we weren't looking for a DVD player, the car we were interested in just happened to have a DVD player in it, much to the kids delight. We hardly ever use it, my rule is that we have to be on the road for at least the length of a movie to use it.

I will admit, it does make long car trips more manageable for me. DVD's mean I don't have to pack so many books, toys or snacks for the car. Since it is pretty close quarters, it also cuts down on arguing. The car becomes silent once a movie starts and that means I can relax. Dave and I can also listen to our own CD's and talk to each other without constant interuptions. And I will confess, that on more than one occasion, I have crawled into the back seat with the kids to watch the Incredibles to curb my own boredom on those long rides.


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