Thursday, April 06, 2006

Taking up smoking, an ultimatum I may not be able to live with

I am trying my hardest to get this family to eat healthier. I have had a couple of road blocks. Dave and Tayler don't want to give up their meat eating ways. I asked Dave to give up meat, just meat, not to go entirely vegan (yet). He absolutely refuses. Dave has health problems. His cholesterol is high, his blood pressure is up and so on. I know it is his diet, not just the meat he eats, he eats a lot of fried foods too. I pack him a healthy lunch everyday but he also eats from the roach coach, doesn't that just sound healthy? I tried to tell him of the health benefits of giving up animal products and fried foods but he doesn't care.

So, I came up with an ultimatum. I figured if I did something that was risky to my health, something really obvious, maybe he would see the error of his ways. I told him I was going to start smoking cigarettes. Yep, smoking. Cigarette smoke will wreak havoc with my asthma and it will be awful for Jeff's asthma and allergies. Not to mention all the other icky stuff that comes along with smoking. Yesterday, I was at the store and I happened to notice the counter of cigarettes as I walked by. They were at least $5.00 for a pack of cigarettes. $5.00! How do people afford a pack a day habit? I can't even afford to buy them, much less the health risks involved. It would also set a really bad example for the kids, so I have decided againts smoking.

My ultimatum has back fired. I think I pushed it too far. Maybe I will quit wearing my seat belt. Um, nope can't do that either, I must set a good example for the kids. I hate being the one setting the good example.

My next plan is to be sneaky about it. I ordered a couple of great vegan cook books from Amazon. Luckily Dave is used to eating vegetarian at home, maybe he won't even notice that dairy is disappearing too. By the time he notices what is going on he will feel so good he will be more agreeable.

You may ask why I am being so sneaky about this. Why don't I just let him live his life and make his own choices. Well, the answer is simple. There is no way he is taking the easy way out by having a heart attack in his forties and leaving me with five kids to raise, nope, we are in this together.


Blogger KaiVegan said...

You are right, you're in it together. I'm sorry to hear about your challenges. My husband totally supported me when I made the big switch and even went along for the ride, but I could relate to that with another family member of mine who's taking all kinds of meds right now. (All I could do is send a book!)

Do you think your dh would take a challenge though? Let say, a 10-day veggie challenge, with incentive of course-like something you would do for him...

9:42 PM  
Blogger Slacker Mom said...

What about baby-stepping?? And making it in little steps, then having opprtunities to cheat?

I love red meat, I gave it up for awhile, for my health. I hated it, I would actually go to out to eat (occasionally)mand lust after other people's food, it stunk.

My naturepath (sp?) then told me to have it in moderation, and that giving it up actually didn't change my health all that much.

Just food (ha,ha) for thought...

4:59 AM  
Blogger Veronika said...

Well, I'm glad you didn't resort to smoking. I recently quit, and I can't believe how much money I've saved!
It's hard to give up something you really like. The challenge that kaivegan suggests sounds good.

10:35 AM  

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