Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pet peeve rant and an update on no TV week

I must have 100 pet peeves, maybe 200. But one that is right up at the top is that the school insists on rewarding the kids with candy or ice cream.

I keep hearing on the news about how many kid are obese in the USA. How we, as parents, as a nation need to do better with keeping our kids healthy, how we need to encourage exercise and good nutrition. How we need to get our kids up off the couch and away from the TV and video games. Then the school, public school which is run by the government, the people who keep coming out with these studies insists on rewarding the kids with candy, ugh.

Tayler comes out of school most days with a sucker or lollipop stuck in her mouth. I ask her where she got it and she said the teacher gave it to her for getting a good grade on her test, or for helping to clean up, or for getting the most table points or... Jeff comes out occasionally with candy too. Apparently he doesn't try as hard as Tayler, which isn't such a bad thing. There is also ice cream sold after school and candy.

Yesterday the kids came home from school with a flyer. The flyer says that if they don't watch any TV for five days they will get an ice cream party. Jeff was phsyced! An ice cream party mom, he told me, I love ice cream. He would even go as far as to cover his eyes if he even got close to the TV which was turned off, he didn't want to do anything to spoil his chance at ice cream.

Now, I don't deprive my children. They do get ice cream. We still have some in the house from Jeffs birthday party, but it doesn't have the same appeal as school ice cream. They get treats and sweets too, just not everyday. I am of the belief that if kids are deprived of these things they will become obsessed with it and that would just be setting them up for an eating disorder. I am trying to instill good habit in them while I can.

So, why does the school, that is really pushing the no TV for a week campaign so the kids can be more active and physically fit reward with ice cream. It just doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
Okay, rant over :::shudder:::


No TV for a week update time. Yesterday went very well. I let the little kids watch TV for an hour yesterday while I ate lunch and started my dinner prep work. I usually get my dinner stuff ready in the afternoon because after school time is crazy. They only asked one other time before that to turn the TV on. We went to get the big kids from school and came home and had a snack. Then it was homework time. That's when I realized how much I use the TV for the little kids for homework time. It keeps them distracted so I can help the big kids get their homework done. Instead I pulled out some coloring books and they sat and colored and did *homework* with us. It really worked out nicely and got their creative juices flowing. A little more work for me, helping with colors and encouraging them but well worth the time and effort.

After homework the kids went out to play. Confession time for me. I turned on Dharma and Greg and watched it while I folded laundry. I am weak.

After dinner we did our usual routines. We threw in a game of twister. We had a great time playing, we laughed until our sides hurt. After the game I asked the kids if they missed their afternoon TV time. They all said no, that they didn't even notice since they usually go out to play anyway.

By then it was almost 8:00pm. I asked Jeff if he would read me his new book that he got for his birthday. We have our regular reading time and they have reading books to read so this was a special treat for us both. He was very excited to read it to me and we read it twice. All the kids gathered around to hear him read it. It made him feel very grown up and boosted his confidence through the roof. When he was done reading it was 8:15. I told them they could watch Deal or No Deal for a few minutes before bed. So we did. I don't feel too bad about that, it is a *game*, and yes I realize I am pushing the context of games, but it is something we watch as a family and enjoy.

So I am going to call day one with no TV a success.


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