Saturday, April 29, 2006

Nothing blog worthy and some potty humor

I don't really have much to say, but I feel I should blog something. I did notice that this is blog number 98 fo me, I am almost to 100 blogs. I am wondering if there will be some sort of party, maybe a card.

So, Dave took the older kids camping this weekend with a youth group from our church. I stayed home with the younger three kids. I am not sure if I got the good end of the deal or not. On one hand he has the older kids who don't need to be watched 97.5% of the time. Yes, I know I should watch the little ones 100% of the time, but come on, who watches their kids 100% of the time except Britney (I couldn't even type that with a straight face). All his meals are being prepared for him and he doesn't have to do any clean up. He can just kick back and relax, of course that is the picture in my head. I am sure he is working hard.

I, on the other hand get to sleep in a bed, all by myself. Without the sound of snoring in my ear. I had the best night of sleep last night, better than I have had in a long long time. I put fresh sheets on the bed and slept smack dab in the middle of it. I also took a nice warm shower this morning and I don't have to hover over the toilet to pee or use an out house. I also don't have to deal with dirt, I do not like dirt.

I took the kids to church this morning and then home for lunch. After naps we wandered down to the park for two hours. The park was packed and the kids played the whole time we were there. Unfortunately Jeff also learned the F word while we were there, from a three year old, ugh. I am hoping that all that activity will make three very tired kids later. I need to get off my tushie and make them some dinner then baths and a DVD then bed.

Speaking of tushies, Christopher called me into the bathroom to clean his after he pooped this morning. I made a comment that he had pooped a lot and asked him where he had been keeping it. He replied - in my tushie, I have been saving it up. That made me laugh. Kids, they are funny.


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