Saturday, April 29, 2006

Nothing blog worthy and some potty humor

I don't really have much to say, but I feel I should blog something. I did notice that this is blog number 98 fo me, I am almost to 100 blogs. I am wondering if there will be some sort of party, maybe a card.

So, Dave took the older kids camping this weekend with a youth group from our church. I stayed home with the younger three kids. I am not sure if I got the good end of the deal or not. On one hand he has the older kids who don't need to be watched 97.5% of the time. Yes, I know I should watch the little ones 100% of the time, but come on, who watches their kids 100% of the time except Britney (I couldn't even type that with a straight face). All his meals are being prepared for him and he doesn't have to do any clean up. He can just kick back and relax, of course that is the picture in my head. I am sure he is working hard.

I, on the other hand get to sleep in a bed, all by myself. Without the sound of snoring in my ear. I had the best night of sleep last night, better than I have had in a long long time. I put fresh sheets on the bed and slept smack dab in the middle of it. I also took a nice warm shower this morning and I don't have to hover over the toilet to pee or use an out house. I also don't have to deal with dirt, I do not like dirt.

I took the kids to church this morning and then home for lunch. After naps we wandered down to the park for two hours. The park was packed and the kids played the whole time we were there. Unfortunately Jeff also learned the F word while we were there, from a three year old, ugh. I am hoping that all that activity will make three very tired kids later. I need to get off my tushie and make them some dinner then baths and a DVD then bed.

Speaking of tushies, Christopher called me into the bathroom to clean his after he pooped this morning. I made a comment that he had pooped a lot and asked him where he had been keeping it. He replied - in my tushie, I have been saving it up. That made me laugh. Kids, they are funny.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pictures from the Mission field trip

I am crazy busy these days so I don't have much time to post. I thought I would share some pictures from the field trip that I took a couple of weeks ago with Tayler and her fourth grade class. I just love the architecture and history of these old buildings and ruins. I found it amazing, and I was fascinated by what they could accomplish in the 1700 and 1800's.
The picture on the top left is my favorite. I took these pictures about 30 seconds apart. I didn't use the flash for either picture but I zoomed out a bit for the one on the lower right. I was surprised at how much the lighting and contrast changed. For some reason I just like the darker one better, it looks more mysterious to me. I just love photography, it is very rare for me to get a decent picture though.

This is the Golden Tabernacle in the oldest Catholic church that still holds services in California.

This is a picture of the ruins of a new church that was built in the 1800's. It stood for 6 years before an earthquake brought it down. Several people were killed. Very sad. I love old ruins and it was so neat to find some in my own *backyard*.

Another view of the ruins. Look at those columns and dome, just beautiful. I wish I could have spent all day there.

These are the original bells that hung in the ruined church before the earthquake. They are just gorgeous! I can just imagine the local Indians and priests crafting them. Our tour guide told us that they make a horrible sound when rung so they never ring them.

I am not Catholic, nor do I know much about the catholic church, but I thought this was pretty. From what I understand, a candle is lit in honor of someone and a prayer is said for them. A very nice idea.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pet peeve rant and an update on no TV week

I must have 100 pet peeves, maybe 200. But one that is right up at the top is that the school insists on rewarding the kids with candy or ice cream.

I keep hearing on the news about how many kid are obese in the USA. How we, as parents, as a nation need to do better with keeping our kids healthy, how we need to encourage exercise and good nutrition. How we need to get our kids up off the couch and away from the TV and video games. Then the school, public school which is run by the government, the people who keep coming out with these studies insists on rewarding the kids with candy, ugh.

Tayler comes out of school most days with a sucker or lollipop stuck in her mouth. I ask her where she got it and she said the teacher gave it to her for getting a good grade on her test, or for helping to clean up, or for getting the most table points or... Jeff comes out occasionally with candy too. Apparently he doesn't try as hard as Tayler, which isn't such a bad thing. There is also ice cream sold after school and candy.

Yesterday the kids came home from school with a flyer. The flyer says that if they don't watch any TV for five days they will get an ice cream party. Jeff was phsyced! An ice cream party mom, he told me, I love ice cream. He would even go as far as to cover his eyes if he even got close to the TV which was turned off, he didn't want to do anything to spoil his chance at ice cream.

Now, I don't deprive my children. They do get ice cream. We still have some in the house from Jeffs birthday party, but it doesn't have the same appeal as school ice cream. They get treats and sweets too, just not everyday. I am of the belief that if kids are deprived of these things they will become obsessed with it and that would just be setting them up for an eating disorder. I am trying to instill good habit in them while I can.

So, why does the school, that is really pushing the no TV for a week campaign so the kids can be more active and physically fit reward with ice cream. It just doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
Okay, rant over :::shudder:::


No TV for a week update time. Yesterday went very well. I let the little kids watch TV for an hour yesterday while I ate lunch and started my dinner prep work. I usually get my dinner stuff ready in the afternoon because after school time is crazy. They only asked one other time before that to turn the TV on. We went to get the big kids from school and came home and had a snack. Then it was homework time. That's when I realized how much I use the TV for the little kids for homework time. It keeps them distracted so I can help the big kids get their homework done. Instead I pulled out some coloring books and they sat and colored and did *homework* with us. It really worked out nicely and got their creative juices flowing. A little more work for me, helping with colors and encouraging them but well worth the time and effort.

After homework the kids went out to play. Confession time for me. I turned on Dharma and Greg and watched it while I folded laundry. I am weak.

After dinner we did our usual routines. We threw in a game of twister. We had a great time playing, we laughed until our sides hurt. After the game I asked the kids if they missed their afternoon TV time. They all said no, that they didn't even notice since they usually go out to play anyway.

By then it was almost 8:00pm. I asked Jeff if he would read me his new book that he got for his birthday. We have our regular reading time and they have reading books to read so this was a special treat for us both. He was very excited to read it to me and we read it twice. All the kids gathered around to hear him read it. It made him feel very grown up and boosted his confidence through the roof. When he was done reading it was 8:15. I told them they could watch Deal or No Deal for a few minutes before bed. So we did. I don't feel too bad about that, it is a *game*, and yes I realize I am pushing the context of games, but it is something we watch as a family and enjoy.

So I am going to call day one with no TV a success.

Monday, April 24, 2006

The television is off

Bean Bag Potato
Today marks the start of Turn Off Your TV Week. I thought we would try it out this year, at least a modified version.
We really don't watch a lot of TV, but I know we watch too much. Lets face it, it is just easier to turn the electronic babysitter on while I do the housework, pay the bills, do the laundry and prepare the meals. It keep the kids entertained and I get my work done a lot faster. But the truth is it is good life lessons for the kids to watch me do those things and participate. Except with the bill paying maybe, that always puts me in a crabby mood.
I usually turn the TV on for the little kids around 10:00. They watch an hour or so then it goes off. By then it is lunch time, game time and story time. Then the TV goes back on so I can eat my lunch and clean up. It stays on until it is time to get the big kids from school. After homework and snack the kids can turn the TV back on and watch *educational* shows until dinner time, or go out and play. Most days they will go out to play with thier friends. But usually the TV is on as background noise. Why I need background noise is beyond me. At dinner time the TV goes off. After dinner is bath/shower and reading time. At 8:00 the TV can go back on for the *cleaner* shows. We watch TV then as a family. Game shows or Survivor usually. After the kids go to bed is when I really watch TV, the shows I want to watch.
Lately, I have had a lot to do so the TV has been going on earlier and earlier in the morning and staying on later than it should. I have noticed the kids have become couch pototoes (or bean bag potatoes like the pic above implies) and I don't like it. I hate it.
This week I have decided to really limit TV and computer time. I can't eliminate it completely, I could, but I just can't. The little kids can watch TV after lunch. I really need that time for down time to eat alone and think. Usually it is about an hour. It will go off when we go get the big kids and stay off until 8:00 when we watch Deal or No Deal tonight. We do watch it as a family, something we do together and get active with. We have to watch Survivor too, it is something the kids and I really enjoy doing together.
It will be interesting to see how much I don't get done with my hinderences. Or, how much more I do get done without the TV. Of course, it will cut way down on my computer time too. I am going to limit my computer time to a few minutes in the morning and after the kids go to bed.
I really am not sure how I will get through the afternoon with Dharma and Greg.

Friday, April 21, 2006


Jeff is eight years old today! Eight! Eight years old!!! How did this happen? These kids just keep getting older and bigger and more mature and it is killing me! But then again if they didn't get older and more mature I would surely go insane.

Jeff at 6:30 exactly this morning, exactly 8 years old

I became pregnant with Jeff at a bad time in our lives. Dave had lost his job and he was going to school. My mom had had major surgery and I was busy helping her with her recovery while taking care of a three year old and a 13 month old as well as running the house. I felt run down, tired and sick all the time, but no wonder since I had so much going on. I lost all track of time.

Finally it started to dawn on me that maybe I was pregnant. I bought a store brand EPT test at Target one day and sure enough, two lines. I can't say we were thrilled, but there it was. I was actually 12 weeks pregnant when I figured it out, duh. I had an ultrasound at 18 weeks, although they could tell what gender the baby was we wanted to be surprised. All looked well. One week later I started to bleed, and bleed hard. It was believed that I had lost the pregnancy, that my placentia had ruptured. No heart beat could be found. We mourned and suffered. Then an ultrasound showed a strong heart beat and movement. He was hanging on. I was put on bed rest for a couple of weeks so the placentia could heal and be strong again.

Jeff was due on April 15th, 1998. He made himself at home on my sciatica. I couldn't walk, I was in constant pain and misery. April 15th came and went. So did the 16th, 17th, 18th and so on. Finally on the 20th I went into labor. I labored all night. By 5:30 on the 21st I felt a gush, my water had broke and my epidural had worn off. I started begging for another bag of that epi stuff but to no avail. By 6:25 I started hollering that the baby was coming. I was told that was impossible that I was just at 5 cm 10 minutes ago. I yelled for my mom to get down there and catch the baby so it wouldn't land on the floor. Finally, the nurse checked me and sure enough I was at 10 cm and Jeffs head was on it's way out. He was born at 6:30 am exactly. Boy was Dave mad, he felt that they neglected me and mistreated me. But I won't go into what transpired after that. I prefer to focus on the good of the day.

So anyway, Jeff was born at 6:30 am, he was 22.5 inches long and weighed in at a whopping 11 pounds. Holy cow, 11 pounds, he was huge. I had just given birth to 4 month old baby without an epi and came very close to the birth being unassisted.

What a joy he has been for the last eight years. I don't know what we would do without him. He is a good kid and makes us laugh constantly. He is sweet and kind and good to his sibs. We are truly blessed with the gift of Jeff in our lives.

We have a tradition of waking up the birthday person in our house by singing happy birthday to them. Here is Jeff waking up to the other kids and I singing happy birthday to him. Can you just see the joy in his eyes and the his big grin.

Another tradition. A birthday candle in the breakfast food we are having and another round of happy birthday singing. Fridays are cinnamon roll day, Jeffs favorite breakfast.

Jeff before school this morning with his happy birthday sticker firmly in place.

Tonight I will make enchiladas for dinner. His favorite. We would take him out to eat but he does not like to eat out, like his mom. Then cake and presents. Very low key, just close family.

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy Jeff!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Field trip

I went on a field trip with Tayler and her fourth grade class a few days ago. I even *got* to ride on the bus. Can you detect the sarcasm at all in the last sentence? I hate riding the bus. For one thing there is a lot less leg room than there used to be. I am of average height at 5'6", but I could barely fit my legs behind the seat in front of me. I also don't remember the bus being so noisy and bumpy. The kids of course loved every minute of it.

Anyway, onto the subject at hand. We went to the Mission at San Juan Capistrano. You see, fourth grade is the mission grade, at least here in California. We will also have to build a replica of the mission and Tayler will have to write a report about it. I remember doing that myself in the fourth grade. I also remember riding the bus to this very mission in my fourth grade year, but the bus ride was so much more fun then.

I don't remember the mission being quite as interesting when I was in the fourth grade. I remember I enjoyed it, but that's about it. This time around I found it fascinating. Tay's school actually paid for our very own tour guides. The ratio was 16 kids to a tour guide, not too bad. Other schools were walking around with a piece of paper on a self guided tour. I noticed a lot of the other schools trying to listen in on our tour guides lectures. I will admit when an older gentleman walked out and I saw his supervisor point him in our direction I though Uh oh, a grumpy old man. But to my surprise he was actually very nice and very patient with the kids. He was just full of information and really knew what he was talking about. He made sure to answer all the kids questions and praise the kids by name when they got one of his questions right. The kids were exceptionally good too.

I found the stories, the history and the architecture fascinating. There was no way we could see it all and hear everything in the hour and a half we were given. I took in every little morsel I could. And true to her mothers form, Tayler pulled out a pad and pencil and took notes. She was the only kid there to take notes. It made me very proud of her, then it made me wonder if I was raising a nerd.

I have more pictures to share but Blogger is being a PITA about letting me download them. I will get to them at a later time.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Sweet smell of spring

I was behind schedule this morning, but what else is new. I was rushing to the store and bank, I was rushing the kids who had no idea what a schedule is. Hurry up Christopher, I was barking as I we were walking out to the car at a quickened pace. I started to fumble around my purse to find my ringing cell phone, I shifted Elyse from one hip to the other and dropped my keys. My hands were too full, as usual and my frustration level was rising quickly. I finally found my phone but it had quit ringing. It was the doctors office. Crap, I mumbled under my breath, I needed to answer that call. Mommy, is crap a bad word? Christopher was inquiring by then. I tried to explain the bad word away saying it was okay to use it in the right context and when you are an adult. Mommy, what does context mean? Crap, I uttered again, I stepped in it that time. I was trying to figure out how to define *context* to a four year old, while I was trying to juggle Elyse, my purse, my cell phone, grocery list, bank stuff and Jeff's forgotten lunch, I rounded the corner of the garage. That's when everything came to a screeching halt. There was something, something different. It was good, it was wonderful, it was intoxicating. The overwhelming smell of my neighbors orange tree blossoms was wafting over to my driveway. The smell was sweet and suculent. The smell of spring. I stood completely still, the kids got very still and quiet too. We were afraid to talk, to move. Words or even a slight movement would break the spell. I did not want to return to my reality at that time, I wanted to stand there all day and soak up that sweet aroma. I wanted to join that aroma and be able to drift with the wind, to be part of the sweet cool breeze and forget all about forgotten lunches, phone calls, banks and the grocery store. I wanted to drift in the wind with the sweet aroma and be carefree and throw out all the schedules. Then reality hit me right smack in the face with the dang ringing of my cell phone again.

The smell of spring is fabulous. I must take more time to enjoy it and not get wrapped up in my world.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

It has been a long and busy weekend with extended family. It all went very well and lots of fun was had. I have more pictures to share now that I found my camera battery charger. Spring break is over, back to school tomorrow so I have much to do tonight. I will share more tomorrow.

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Rain, sweet rain

This past week has been an absolutely beautiful week, weather wise. Until today. I woke up this morning to overcast and rainy skies. Ordinarily I would have been pissed off about the crummy weather, it isn't supposed to rain on spring break. Just yesterday the kids were running around in shorts and sandals squirting each other with water. Today we are back in long pants and long sleeve shirts.

Today I was happy to see the rain. Why, you may ask. Because I am tired of having herds of kids running in and out of my house. Tracking dirt and water over my floors, eating the food, drinking the juice boxes and clogging the toilet. I also have to keep constant track of Elyse and make sure the doors and gates are secure at all times or else she will just run away. After five days of this going on, constantly I was exhausted. I do enjoy having the neighborhood kids play here, I prefer it actually because then I know where my kids are, who they are playing with and what they are up to so I have always made my house a friendly place for kids. But by last night I had had enough, so this morning when I saw the rain a faint smile came to my lips.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's pathetic, the things that make me happy and other ramblings

It was a good day! I took the kids to the park this morning. We have a great neighborhood park. It is big and fenced almost all the way around and almost always empty. When we got there at 10:00 am it was just like I figured, empty. We played kick ball and pirates on the play equipment. It was nice to let go of all the responsibilities that come along with being the mother and be a kid with the kids, it has been too long since I have done that.

So, after the park we went to the grocery store. All six of us. I gave the kids a big speech in the car about how they have to be good and quiet and stay right with me. Tayler lined the boys up and they marched in a line behind me, very quietly. I got a couple of compliments on what well behaves soldiers I had. I did not tell them they had to do that but it was nice. I must have looked like the strictest mom ever.

Now the pathetic part. My total bill for groceries came to $90.00. With double coupons, club card and Boy Scout Scoutarama coupons I saved $42.00. I was jazzed about that. Yep, pathetic.

The weather here has turned nice. Too cool for swimming or the beach but nice short weather. I love when the kids wear shorts and sandals because it cuts way down on the laundry. No heavy jeans or a ton of socks to wash.

Scott is having a couple of friends spend the night tonight and they are sleeping in the backyard in a tent. They are all very excited, I doubt if there will be much sleep tonight. I bought veggie hot dogs and corn on the cob to grill and I will make some baked beans. Just a nice laid back evening. A nice preview to summer.

I haven't posted any pictures lately. The battery on my camera is dead and I can't find the charger. I will look harder, I love to post pictures, in case anyone hasn't noticed.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spring break is upon us

Spring break started this week. Well, actually it started last Friday at 1:05 when school let out. Woo Hoo!!! No school, no schedules, no homework. I started out thinking it would be a good idea to stick to our regular schedules since spring break is only a week long, but that idea only lasted about ten minutes.

We were supposed to be out of town this week but that didn't work out. I was bummed, the kids were bummed since we like to take trips. I usually have something scheduled for school breaks. Not this week, there is nothing scheduled, nothing at all. We have been sleeping late, eating late and going to bed late. It has been wonderful.

Too bad the laundry, housework and cooking can't go on spring break too.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Who doesn't like a compliment

I admit it, I love getting compliments, especially on my children. This last week I have received several. On one occasion, we were eating out with the kids, at an actual restaurant, not at a buffet like we usually frequent. You know, the kind where the kids can run wild and there is no waiting for food, you just get your plate and go up to the trough and fill it up. Well, last week we decided to try an honest to goodness sit down and have a server type person take our order and wait like regular people for our food type restaurant. The kids were actually pretty good. Elyse, at two years of age, is usually the most difficult, but she sat nicely and didn't even pitch her spoon across the table.

When we were almost done an older couple, who were on their way out, stopped and told us how good our kids were. I immediately looked behind me thinking they were talking about someone else, but there was a wall behind me so it had to be me they were talking to. I was a little flushed by then and muttered an oh, thank you, we try to keep some kind of control. They went on to say that is was nice to see such a big well behaved family out enjoying them selves. They were very nice and I tried to be gracious and hide my shock. It has been a long time since we have received a compliment at a restaurant. I think before Christopher was born, hmmm.

There have been a couple of others recently, but another sticks out. Today one of Scotts friends dad came to our door. Oh no I thought, and my heart started to sink. What has he done? I opened the door and invited the man in and I offered him a cold drink. You know, trying to soften him up a bit. But he refused saying he was just passing by but he wanted to stop for a minute. He went on to say how much his family enjoys having Scott over, he said that Scott is always nice and polite and that he gets along well with his son. Wow, what a nice thing to say. I puffed up with pride. It feels good to hear such things.

I have decided to be more free with my compliments. I think nice things but they don't always make it out of my mouth. It is amazing how when someone says something nice to me, about me or about my kids how it makes my day. I really want to do that for other people too. So, from now on I am going to make an extra effort to compliment someone when I am out. Earlier today when I was at the check out at Costco, I was admiring the hair of the young girl that was checking my stuff out. I spoke up and told her how cute her hair looked. She smiled, I mean her whole face lit up type of smile, and she thanked me and she told me she had just had it cut and that she wasn't sure if she liked it or not. I think I made her day, at least a small part of it, and you know what? It made me feel good too.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Taking up smoking, an ultimatum I may not be able to live with

I am trying my hardest to get this family to eat healthier. I have had a couple of road blocks. Dave and Tayler don't want to give up their meat eating ways. I asked Dave to give up meat, just meat, not to go entirely vegan (yet). He absolutely refuses. Dave has health problems. His cholesterol is high, his blood pressure is up and so on. I know it is his diet, not just the meat he eats, he eats a lot of fried foods too. I pack him a healthy lunch everyday but he also eats from the roach coach, doesn't that just sound healthy? I tried to tell him of the health benefits of giving up animal products and fried foods but he doesn't care.

So, I came up with an ultimatum. I figured if I did something that was risky to my health, something really obvious, maybe he would see the error of his ways. I told him I was going to start smoking cigarettes. Yep, smoking. Cigarette smoke will wreak havoc with my asthma and it will be awful for Jeff's asthma and allergies. Not to mention all the other icky stuff that comes along with smoking. Yesterday, I was at the store and I happened to notice the counter of cigarettes as I walked by. They were at least $5.00 for a pack of cigarettes. $5.00! How do people afford a pack a day habit? I can't even afford to buy them, much less the health risks involved. It would also set a really bad example for the kids, so I have decided againts smoking.

My ultimatum has back fired. I think I pushed it too far. Maybe I will quit wearing my seat belt. Um, nope can't do that either, I must set a good example for the kids. I hate being the one setting the good example.

My next plan is to be sneaky about it. I ordered a couple of great vegan cook books from Amazon. Luckily Dave is used to eating vegetarian at home, maybe he won't even notice that dairy is disappearing too. By the time he notices what is going on he will feel so good he will be more agreeable.

You may ask why I am being so sneaky about this. Why don't I just let him live his life and make his own choices. Well, the answer is simple. There is no way he is taking the easy way out by having a heart attack in his forties and leaving me with five kids to raise, nope, we are in this together.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Morning giggle

This morning I went to check on Jeff, to make sure he was doing what he is supposed to do in the morning. That includes making his bed. He and Christopher share a room. Christopher was still sleeping on the bottom bunk. Usually I get them all up at the same time but the last couple of days it has just been easier to let the little ones sleep in. Quieter too.

So, Jeff was making his bed, just like he was supposed to. I peeked to see if Christopher was still asleep and this is what Jeff had done to him. The covers were already pulled over his head, Jeff just added the sunglasses. This made me laugh out loud, we all stood around and giggled. Maybe it was mean to laugh at Christophers expense, but he didn't know and I am sure not going to show him this picture. Laughter is a nice way to start the day.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Still recovering, a craft and a bad idea

Tayler had a great time with her slumber party. This is a picture of the morning after. Some of the girls are awake, including Tayler (in the purple on the far right) and some girls are still snoozing. There are still more *body bags* behind me. I am still exhausted from the weekend and the time change. It sucks getting old.

Here is an egg craft we did on Sunday morning. I got the idea from Blogging Baby. I very carefully cracked the eggs open on the top and washed them out. We put dirt and grass seed inside and when the grass grows it will look like hair. That is if the sun ever comes out. It has been rainy and dreary here the last few days.

I have been feeling like I have been fighting off some kind of virus the last few days. Yesterday I developed a cold sore in my mouth. This morning I thought it would be a good idea to drink some orange juice with my cereal for some extra vitamin C. Bad idea, it made my cold sore burn like fire.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spring forward, finally working to my advantage

Did everyone spring forward this weekend? I did, a few hours early. I usually hate the *spring forward* time change because that means an hour of less of sleep for the first few days until we adjust. Finally, this year it has worked to my advantage.

Tayler had a slumber party for her upcoming birthday. I had promised her for years that she could have a slumber party when she turned ten, who would of thought that her tenth birthday would ever get here?! It was a good party, she had a lot of fun. She had seven girls over and we did a lot of fun activities. After we had done three crafts, ate pizza and ice cream sundaes, did karaoke, played musical chairs, did mad libs, played twister, charades and bingo among other things, I was exhausted. So at 10:45, when the girls went to change their clothes, I snuck around the house springing all the clocks forward to 11:45. When they came out I pointed to the clocks and said, "look how late it is, we better watch that DVD now before we fall asleep."

It worked like a charm, the girls settled down in their sleeping bags to watch a DVD for an hour and a half so I could clean up, eat cold pizza and some melted ice cream. I was starving by then so it tasted really good. Of course it didn't last, they were still up until well after 2:00 am *new* time.

I am exhausted tonight, too tired to even sleep.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

It wasn't supposed to happen to me

I thought I was immune, I mean you hear about it happening, but I never dreamed it would happen to me. I guess I was just being naive, maybe in the back of my mind I knew it could happen. I was being wreckless and not using any type of protection, I guess in a way I was just asking for it. Now it has happened, I was spammed. Yep, my post below got spammed. Damn spammers, now I have to use protection. I will have to set up one of those *letter* gate.

I have thought about deleting it, but I think I will keep it around as a reminder that I am not immune to these things. We are all vulnerable. It sucks.