Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I knew it was going to be bad, she far exceeded my expectations

This morning I took Elyse to the doctors office for her two year check up. Elyse hates going to the doctor, I mean she H-A-T-E-S going to the doctor. She has always hated it when the doctor tries to touch her or even be in the same room with her. It all started the second she was born and the doctor pulled her from my body two weeks early. My pregnancy with her was not an easy pregnancy, and because of distress she was evicted. She wasn't ready to come out of the dark and warm place that she had called home for almost nine months and it was the doctors fault that she was no longer there and she let everyone know of her objections at the top of her lungs. At least that is what I imagine her animosity with doctors must be.

Every time, and I do mean every time I have taken her to the doctor she screams bloody murder the whole time we are there. Luckily she is very healthy. She has never been to the doctor for a sick visit, only for well checks. Not a bad track record for two years. (knock wood(!)).

So, today was her two year well check. I knew it would be bad, I knew it was going to be humiliating and embarrassing for me. The four older kids have always been so good and cooperative with the doctor. I always felt so proud that I didn't have one of *those* children. Well guess what, I pushed my luck with number five.

We walked in, I signed in and Elyse was perfectly happy, she picked out books we could read and played with another little boy her age in the play room. It was fun watching her interact with a kid her age. Since she is home with me all day I really only see her interact with the older kids and their friends, she doesn't have any friends of her own yet. It made me think about giving a play group another chance, you know to socialize her a bit.

Then the nurse opened the big door and called her name. I got up and walked toward the door and called her to come with me. She looked at me and said uh-uh and started backing up. I went to go pick her up and she threw herself on the ground yelling no-no-no-no-no-no at the top of her lungs. I could see the other parents eyeing me being secretly thankful that they didn't have *that*child. I pried her up off of the ground while she was clawing the carpet and tried to hang onto anything we passed. Her arms and legs were flailing in all different directions. I apologized right off to the nurse for her behavior. I told her that Elyse had always been like this and I didn't know what to do with her. The nurse brushed it off and told me there was no need to apologize, she put me at ease right away. I liked her. Elyse did stand on the scale nicely, to my surprise, she weighed in at a whopping 21 pounds. Then it was time to measure her. We tried to stand her againts the wall but she turned into a rag doll and balled herself up on the floor. I put her on the table so we could stretch her out and measure her but she went into the fetal position, she was hugging her knees and she would not straighten out. I peeled her arms off and stretched her out best I could. She is 32 inches long, we think.

She was into full body sobs by then, clinging to my neck with her legs wrapped tightly around me. The nurse left the room and we read books and she calmed down. Then there was a knock at the door and in walked the doctor. The sobs started all over again. I again apologized to the doctor for her behavior, the doctor immediately put me at ease saying she had kids and it didn't bother her. I tried to answer all the doctors questions over the sobbing, the doctor was on the other side of the room at this time. Then she moved towards us to listen to Elyse's heart. Elyse's grip tighten to vice like. The doctor moved quickly, getting the easy stuff done first and saving the ear and throat exam for last. I finally had to lay Elyse down on the table so the doctor could check her hips. The doctor had to help me pry her from my body and lay her down. I felt like one of those mama monkeys, you know the ones that have the babies that cling to the mothers back no matter how many jumps and leaps the mama monkey makes. That was Elyse, clinging to me for dear life. The doctor did mention that Elyse's throat looked irritated, I asked her if it could be from the screaming. She agreed.

Elyse was to get a Hepatitis A shot and have her iron level checked. I knew the easy part was over when the doctor left the room. Soon the nurse entered. Elyse started up again. This was a different nurse and she remembered us from six months ago. I told her this wasn't going to be pretty. She asked if Elyse was the one that had been screaming. I said yes. She said I will be right back. I wondered where she was going. To get reinforcements, or to maybe make a deal with another nurse to get her to do it. Nope, she came back with a Whinnie the Pooh doll to try to ease her fears. I liked her.

Then came the finger prick. It was bad, she screamed so hard I thought she was going to pass out a couple of times from the screaming. Her face was tear soaked snotty mess, and so was my shirt. The nurse worked as quickly as she could with the shot. The doctor came back in with a book trying to calm her down then another nurse came in with an array of stickers, they were really trying help her feel better and I appreciated it. I felt awful too. I hate to see her like that. Finally it was time to go. Elyse was still sobbing and clinging to my neck. I picked her up, held my head up high and marched out through the waiting room. Every eye in the place followed out the door, I could feel their eyes burning into the back of my head. Yes, my daughter is one of *those* kids but that's okay, she is my kid.

She sobbed all the way home and for a good time after that. We cuddled and read books and ate fruit salad until she felt better. Now it is just a distant bad memory for her. Her next well check isn't until she is three years old. If she can just manage not to get sick for the next year and need to see the doctor life will be good.

Poor little leg.


Blogger gnightgirl said...

Awwww, the poor little lamb. Loved your interpretation of this traumatic event; had a 10-year old go through lots of needle-ish tests only to have the lab lose them, we had to do them OVER... if it makes ya feel better, I'm sure he screamed more than your 2 year old.

11:26 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

my son Jack is the same way, i'm sort of dreading his 3yr check up. But lately we have been playing dr. more, and he loves watching "Elmo goes to the Dr" so I have hopes that things will go better this time. I know it's really hard and frusterating though.

7:58 AM  
Blogger Patty said...

I was just reading about your daughters reaction to the Doctor visit and it brought back so many memories. My second daughter, now 23 was just like that and was diagnosed with Sensory Intergration Disorder. Knowing about it sure helps deal with it. You might want to check into it

7:19 PM  
Blogger Tyra said...

When my son was little he would do the same thing and you're right, everyone would stare at us, I used to hate it.

5:59 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

I have two of "those" kids. They make life interesting, don't they? LOL

Many times, dissaproving eyes have come my way.

I'm getting used to it. As someone told me when I wrote about a tantrum my son had in the DMV, "it's not like you ruined their dinner out."

6:36 PM  

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