Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy Saint Patricks Day

Happy Saint Patricks Day! I love Saint Patricks day, no, not because they serve green beer at the bars on St. Patricks Day but because there is no candy, stuffed animals or cards involved. It is just a day, a day to dress in green and have fun with.

Scott is getting too old for the wearing of the green, or so he would like to think. He is wearing a green wrist band and a green bandana around his ankle to trick his friends. Teenagers, gotta love them. Right?

Tayler looks like a green bean. She is wearing green all the way down to her shoes. I am just thankful that she is well enough to return to school. She told me this morning they are not allowed to pinch in school, they can give a soft poke. Huh!?! What's the funs of Saint Patricks Day if you can't give a good 'ole pinch. That's what I told her, I hope she realizes I was kidding. I may be getting a call from the school.

Jeff is one cool dude in his green T shirt and sunglasses. He was very excited about St. Patricks day and has had his shirt picked out for days. He is also wearing green socks. I hope he didn't overhear me talking to Tay about the pinching. I will be sure to get a call about him.

Elyse is one cool chic wearing Jeff's sunglasses. Notice the half smile, we are getting there. After I got her dressed and she was around the other kids I realized her outfit is more of a aqua color than green. But aqua is a color of green, at least that is what I told the kids.

Can we say cranky four year old who doesn't want to participate in anything lately? I had to force him to stand there so I could take his picture. He is driving me nuts lately, it's just a phase, it's just a phase, it's just a phase....

The whole gang, right before I drove them to school. Can you tell I had some extra time so I could have a little fun with the camera this morning before school?

I don't own a lot of green for myself, with my red hair I look too Christmasy in green. I bought this little pin 20 years at a Hallmark store. So, this is what I wear, sorry the pic is so blurry. The kids thought they would get me this morning when I was still in my pajamas but guess what I had pinned to my jammies, hee hee, I am always one step ahead. For now.


Blogger Slacker Mom said...


We never pinched. What do you do?

Cute pics! :)

10:20 AM  
Blogger Cee said...

If a person isn't wearing green on St. Patricks day they get a pinch. At least that is the way it has always been done here as far as I know. When I was in elementary school it would be the worse thing in the world to forget to wear green on St. Patty's day.

Maybe it is different in different parts of the Country (?).

11:02 AM  

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