Saturday, March 18, 2006

Going to church....or not

Early Saturday morning, around 8:00 a.m., I was deep in a dream, involving Eric Estrada and David Hasselfoff (weird, I know)(!) when I was rudely awaken by Jeff who was standing next to my bed asking me if we were going to go to church today. Of course, I responded. I really didn't want to, but when the kids wake us up asking to go to church, then I take that as a sign that we should go to church. Lately our church attendance has been sporadic. Jeff misses church and wanted to be sure we went back this week.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy church. It's just that I don't enjoy taking the kids to church. Trying to keep them all quiet during services is a nightmare. I have tried taking *quiet* toys for them to play with but in church quiet toys are never quiet. I have tried taking snacks but I end up on my hands and knees cleaning crumbs up off the floor after the service. So lately it has just been easier to skip the whole thing.

At our church, before the service we have classes. Adult classes and kid's classes. I have never been to an adult class. I moved straight from the youth class to the babies class with Scott and that is where I have been for the last 13 years, not with Scott, he has moved on. Normally, I go into the four year old class with Christopher and Dave goes into the toddler class with Elyse. It is a disaster for both of us. They won't sit still or participate with the rest of the class. We leave exhausted and wonder why we attend in the first place. The older kids all enjoy their classes and have learned a lot so it is worth it.

Today they were to have Childrens Church. That happens once a month. That is the week that I can sneak into grown up church and at least enjoy some of the music and hear part of the sermon without constant interruptions. Of course Childrens Church was cancelled today so right after the kids classes we bolted and came home.

I wish there was an easier way. I really want my kids to grow up in the church. Of course some of the older generation think that we should take the kids into church and get them used to sitting still and to listen to the sermon. I don't think chuch is the place to torture them. I am afraid that they will grow up hating it and leave the church all together. I want church to be a positive experience for them, not something they dread.

There has to be a happy medium, I just have to keep working until I find it.

We celebrated Elyse's birthday in her class to day. She did not want to be a part of the celebration!

Oh the humiliation. If she ignores them they will disappear.


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