Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Give them a shovel and they will dig

Yesterday Scott was bored. He is not into video games or t.v very much. He would much rather be outside doing something. We have what I call the *ugly corner* in the back yard. It is the only corner where there is no block wall and there is a big ugly stump out there. Scott heard me complaining about it not too long ago so he has decided to dig the stump out for me.
I don't think he will ever get it out, it is way too big but it is keeping him busy and he is having fun trying. Of course, at our house you never do anything that looks like fun alone. Especially if it involves dirt. Scott was glad for the help and passed out shovels. He is very good with his younger siblings and that makes my heart sing.

Brother's taking a break. They have quite a trench going. It is going to rain this weekend, they will be thrilled if it fills up with water.

Elyse loves her little shovel. She has decided to give me smirks when I take her picture now, it's better than the picture scowl she used to give.

Another smirk, I almost got a smile out of her. They all had to go straight to the garage to undress and then straight to the showers and bath tubs. That hole kept them busy for hours. Yipee!!!

Tayler is having some medical problems and was not able to participate or she would have been as dirty as the rest. She is not doing too well, more on that later.


Blogger Heather said...

The kid pictures are very adorable. Isn't it funny to see what ideas their little minds come up with? I'm very sorry to hear one of your little ones is not doing well. I hope she feels better soon!!

10:39 AM  
Blogger Slacker Mom said...


Isn't it funny? I bet before we had kids we thought we'd never let them go to town on our yards with a shovel!!

2:48 PM  

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