Thursday, January 26, 2006

Missing our neighbor

About six years ago a couple moved in directly across the street from us. Lets call him Guy and her Lady. Guy and Lady seemed like complete opposites to me. Guy is an extrovert, Lady is an introvert, Guy is athletic with an athlete's body and Lady stays inside and doesn't have an athletic body, Guy is on the short side, Lady is tall and so on.

They weren't married, Lady had actually bought the house and Guy was moving in with her. Shacking up as Dr. Laura would say. I don't judge, if they were happy, well, it's their lives to live. They seemed happy and in love.

Guy knew everyone in the neighborhood. He would ride up and down the street on his bike talking to people and just being friendly. He would always yell hello across the street when I was out or wave as I drove off. He would venture across the road every now and then to talk, but never stayed too long. He never talked badly about the other neighbors and was just an up person.

The neighborhood children loved Guy. Guy was never too busy to toss the ball around with them, take them on group bike rides around the block or buy them ice cream from the ice cream truck. Guy is just generally an all around nice guy.

On New Years Eve I noticed Guy wasn't outside with the rest of us nerds at midnight, banging pans together and setting off fireworks, like he had been in years past. His car was gone. For the next several days his car was gone. We would never think of asking Lady where he was because she didn't talk to anyone. Every once in a while we would see Guy's car in his driveway and get excited thinking, Guy is back, he is home where he belongs. Then we would notice him putting boxes in his car.

Last night, Guy's car was back, he was in the driveway loading it up. He was alone so Dave ventured over there to talk to Guy. Sure enough, Guy had moved out, he is living in a neighboring city. He didn't say what had prompted his move, and Dave isn't one to pry so we will never know. We will probably never see Guy again.

It's strange how much quieter the street has become without Guy. How unfriendly it seems to be now. He was the glue that kept us connected. I feel as though I am mourning the fact that Guy is gone. We all are. We will miss Guy.


Blogger Slacker Mom said...

Isn't it funny? I bet you didn't realize how much you would miss him until he left. People affect us, and it is amazing his role wasn't that big in your life, but it was significant. I guess we should realize we might be that significant to someone else too.

1:41 PM  

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