Monday, January 23, 2006

If a tree falls, an answer to the age old question, sort of

Everyone has heard the age old question about the tree falling in the Forrest.

I have an answer to another question. If a tree across the street is blown over, and hits another tree on the way down, does it make a sound.

Absolutely, YES! It makes a horrible cracking sound, followed by a big thud, followed by more cracking and finally two or three big thuds. Once the dust had settled, I was able to go out and survey the damage. The tree's came about three feet from taking out my car and about five feet from the garage.

Then there was another sound. The sound of city workers with chain saws cutting the trees up, and the sound of a wood chipper shredding them down to mere saw dust. Soon, I am sure we will hear the sound of cement trucks rolling through the neighborhood to fix the sidewalk that was left all twisted and shattered. Soon there will be no evidence of those two trees. Trees that had been there for probably thirty years.

Life goes on, thank God.


Blogger emotional girl said...

hi, i'm a new reader.
every year we have a couples weekend away without any of our kids. well, one year on our first night there, at 3am i heard the loudest crash i have ever heard. it was a tree that crashed into the roof of our condo, only about 2 feet away from the room our friends were in.needless to say the next day was blown due the maintenance workers trying to stabilize the tree and cover the hole as not cause any more damage. so yes when a tree falls in the forest, you hear it LOL

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