Friday, December 02, 2005

Thoughts on a Road Trip

Recently we took a long road trip through four states. We had just driven through Las Vegas when we saw a tow truck pulling a squashed car out of a ditch. The car was so badly damaged the model was unrecognizable. That's when my morbid thoughts started.

What if our car got forced off the road, what if that had been us. We do drive a rather large car so the damage wouldn't have been so great but what if??? That's when the "what if" thoughts started rambling through my head. What if I died on this trip, what if both my husband and I died (my mind could not comprehend anything happening to my children). Who would take care of the kids? Who would clean out my closet? What if they found my journal and read it? Would they think I was a crazy person? Would they think I was a slob? Would they think I was a bad mother? I played out all these scenarios in my head for 50 miles or so. Finally I looked over at my husband:



I don't want to be cremated!


I want to be in one of those, you know, mausoleums.



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tell K for me...

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