Tuesday, December 06, 2005

More Waiting

So, after waiting over an hour in the waiting room I was finally called into the intersactum of the small waiting room, also know as the exam room. The nurse finally came in and took my blood presure, her low toned hmmm concerned me. I asked her how my blood pressure was, a little high was her response. A little high!?! My blood pressure has always been perfect, how could it be a little high? Then she lead me to the scale where I stood feeling humiliated as she fumbled with the metal weights trying to make sure to get the perfect balance. I was then shocked, how could it be that much!?! The nurse led me back to the little room where she asked me a bunch of questions. She wanted to know all about the numbers, the numbers I have to write down twice a day, the numbers that tell me how bad I am doing. Finally the doctor comes in, and looks at the numbers, hmmm she says in that low toned voice. More blood work is ordered, come back tomorrow morning to get it done she says. Great, another visit to the doctor, another ten bucks. Oh, she says on her way out, make a follow up appointment for next week, another ten bucks.

I had the sitter until 1:00 so I head off to the grocery store, we need milk, OJ, veggies, I am trying to make a mental list. But my mind is whirring, what will all this mean? How much of my life will have to change? I dealt with it before, while pregnant with Elyse but that was different, it was for her not for me. I don't want to deal with this again, I DON"T WANT TO!

Then I noticed the really tall guy in line in front of me, I mean he was really TALL. I wondered how life must be for him, everyday life must be so much different for him. I bet the top of his fridge is clean. I bet the top of all his friends fridges are clean. I came home and cleaned the top of my fridge off, I might have a tall friend someday.


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