Saturday, December 10, 2005


So, I got a phone call from my oldest sons school *nurse* yesterday. It seems he was playing football at PE and was tackled (?) and he hit the back of his head on the ground. He told me he was feeling well enough to go to class. Fast forward three hours, my dad calls (cause son is there now) and son is feeling dizzy and has a headache. My dad (who was very upset) gets me all in an uproar so I call the school, they assure me he was playing flag football not tackle football, tackle football is not allowed. I call son back who tells me that the coach was cleaning out the supply storage area and not watching them and that in fact they were not even wearing flags. The vice principal again assures me that when SHE is out there the coach is ver diligent about watching the kids play. Duh, she is his boss, of course he is.

So that brings us to this morning. Son is nauseous and dizzy and still has that headache. I am waiting for the doctors office to open so I can call to get advice on what to do. I imagine they will refer us to the ER, just how I want to spend my Saturday morning. I wish I could call the VP to join us there.


Blogger The Daring One said...

Arrgh! (Fist shaking) I hope your son is okay. That is really scary.

Are you sure he didn't just accidentally bonk his head on that railroad spike carving?

10:11 PM  

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