Tuesday, December 13, 2005

All Wrapped Up and Nowhere to Go

So, I Christmas shopped my butt off on Sunday, I wrapped Christmas presents for over three hours on Monday, and now I have bags full of wrapped Christmas gifts with no place to put them. We still do not have a Christmas Tree. We keep trying to get a Christmas Tree, but time constraints, conflicting schedules, holiday programs and sickness keep getting in the way. Soon, real soon, we will have the pleasure of trudging through a picked over Christmas Tree lot, doing the needle test on several Christmas Trees, finally picking out a Christmas Tree and paying way too much money for the Christmas Tree. Then we get to heave the heavy Christmas Tree onto the roof of the car and tie it down, haul said Christmas Tree home and into the house and try to get it arranged just right, don't forget all the hand washing to try to get the sap off of my hands from handling the Christmas Tree (no, I don't wear gloves). Then we will adorn our Christmas Tree with lights and ornaments, and it will be beautiful.

For weeks after the Christmas Tree has been hauled off to Christmas Tree heaven, I will get the supreme pleasure of vacuuming up pine needles that I will find in strange places.

Knowing how much the kids love having a Christmas Tree, and how good the Christmas Tree makes the house smell makes it worth all the trouble.


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