Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Laundromat

So, our washing machine broke last week. Now I have to lug laundry for seven people to the Laundromat twice a week. What a nightmare, and it is getting expensive, $1.25 to wash a load of laundry really adds up, especially when I am doing at least seven loads of laundry each time. Drying is another .50 for 30 minutes. So the quandary is, do we invest in a new washer knowing that we will be moving it soon or do we wait until we move to buy a new washer? What if the new place comes with a washer and dryer? If that's the case what do we do with our *new* washer? But why continue to pay $20.00+ a week to wash laundry when we could use that money for a new washer. Not to mention the emotional toll going to the Laundromat is taking on me! The Laundromat is cut throat. I fight to get a washer, then I fight to get a dryer and keep the dryer. God forbid the dryer stop for 15 seconds before someone is trying to shovel your clothes out.

There is entertainment at the Laundromat, but it really isn't cheap entertainment. There are the snott nosed kids running up and down the aisle. For extra fun they push each other in the dirty laundry carts and aim right for my toes. If they aren't enough entertainment there are my own kids. Trying to do seven loads of laundry and keep a four and one year old alive is a challenge in itself.

More entertainment was watching the *missionary* from one of the local churches going through the Laundromat trying to pass out her pamphlets while giving mini sermons on how we really should be at church instead of washing our clothes. I was thinking that cleanliness was next to Godliness so I shouldn't be on the straight path to hell like she implied.

Then there was the homeless man taking a bath in the utility sink after digging through the trash can for his breakfast. I did give him a fresh doughnut my kids conned me into buying, I figured feeding the needy might take me one step further away from the hell I was promised for being there at 9:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning.

There is a feeling of accomplishment driving home knowing that the laundry is completely done for at least four days. That is until I walk in to the house and my 12 year old son dropped his stinky gym clothes at my feet and said, you forgot these...


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