Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hectic Day

We are getting ready for our trip out of state tomorrow. Or should I say I am getting ready for our trip. I started the day by going to the Laundromat at 8:30 this morning. Really, if you must go to the Laundromat the earlier the better. It really starts to fill up after that. It makes me a bit sad even knowing that fact.
I only had four loads of laundry to do so that wasn't too bad. The kids were really good, except Elyse was really testing me at times by running out the door and down the sidewalk, I was certain that someone would pop out and kidnap her at any moment. I finally had to confine her to her stroller, she was not a happy camper. After that we had a ton of errands to run before lunch at McDonald. I know, I know, fast icky food. But I was tired and couldn't bear the thought of making lunch. I will make up for it by serving broccoli for dinner.

So now all the laundry is done and put away and I am sitting her procrastinating. I just don't want to pack, packing for seven people and trying to foresees every thing that might pop up is overwhelming. So here I sit blogging.

She speaks
I just want to share this, on my way out to get Jeff from school I was yelling for Elyse to come outside. I could hear her in my room yelling - where are you? Just as clear as can be, three words all together, this is a biggie. She says one or two words but this was her first three word sentence. Yea, yea, maybe not that exciting for everybody but for a mom who has had two kids in speech therapy it it a big deal.

Time to go pack, 3:00 a.m. will be here before I know it...


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